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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

2023 - 2024 School Year

Employment Screening Request Reference Tool

On the Educator Certification Web site, private school users may search for a candidate by Social Security number, DOE number, or First and Last Name. If you search by Name and find too many applicants, you can further narrow your search by adding a Date of Birth to the search criteria.

After submitting a candidate for screening, the private school may print the results by selecting the Print link at the top, right corner of the screen. Additional instructions are available in the Web Application User Manual that is accessible by clicking the Help link. The Reference Tool below has been developed to assist private schools in understanding the Employment Screening responses that you will receive

Below are examples of the pertinent employment history screening information that will be provided in a secure attachment if a record for the candidate exists in the Teacher Certification Database. Private schools may use this information to make educated hiring decisions and document the findings from this screening tool by printing the attachment and storing it in the employee's personnel file. Please address any questions related to the Teacher Certification System to

Educator Information

DOE Number
This is the public identification number assigned by the Florida Department of Education to each individual applicant for certification, whether or not a Florida certificate is ever issued. This is sometimes referred to as the Florida Educator's Certificate Number.

NOTE: The absence of a DOE # indicates that the applicant has never applied for certification.
ID #
This is the applicant's Social Security Number that each applicant for Florida certification is required to provide pursuant to federal and state law. The Florida DOE number is sometimes used as a temporary substitute for this number when the Social Security Number is not available at the time of application.

Certificate Types

Professional PRO Florida's highest certificate is renewable and is valid for five school years.
Nonrenewable Temporary NTEMP Non-renewable certificate is valid for three school years to provide time to complete all requirements for a Professional Certificate while teaching full-time.
Athletic Coaching PT Certificate issued to individuals who do not hold a valid Florida certificate, but who are paid to coach in the public schools. A five-year, renewable certificate is issued to an individual who satisfies specialization requirements for the Athletic Coaching Endorsement. Otherwise, a one-time, three-year, non-renewable certificate may be issued.
Nonrenewable Professional NPRO A five-year non-renewable certificate covering only Speech-Language Impaired.
Temporary TEMP One-year certificate issued under laws effective prior to July 1, 1988. These certificates may be reissued each year as long as continuity is maintained.

Certificate Status

Issued IS Certificate is issued and is valid or has expired for less than one year.
To be Issued TI Certificate has been processed for this individual, but not yet printed.
Expired EX Certificate has expired.
Cancelled CA Certificate has been voided because it was issued in error or has been revoked.
Subjects or Endorsements
Please refer to the following Web site for information on currently available Florida certification subjects and endorsements:
Validity Dates
The validity dates represent the period during which the certificate subject area or endorsement is valid. All Florida certificates are issued to begin July 1 of the year in which the applicant initially qualifies for the particular certificate type.
App Date
This is the date the application was received for evaluation of the subject area(s) requested.
Subject - Description
This shows the subject area(s) or endorsement(s) requested by the applicant for evaluation. Please refer to the following Web site for information on currently available Florida certification subjects and endorsements:

Application Subject Status

Status Abbrev. Definition
Waiting for Information WI A letter has been sent requesting additional documentation from the applicant before additional processing of the application.
Awaiting Review NE Application packet is complete and is pending evaluation by a processing Specialist.
Eligible SE Individual is eligible for the subject area or endorsement evaluated.
Ineligible SI Individual is not eligible for the subject area or endorsement evaluated.
Issued IS Subject area or endorsement has already been issued on a valid certificate.
Cancelled CA Subject area or endorsement evaluation request has been cancelled.
Expired EX Evaluation request for the subject area or endorsement has expired.

Correspondence Browse Code Definitions

DISP Disposition Alert indicates there is correspondence from Professional Practices Services or the Education Practices Commission regarding the determination of probable cause to discipline a certificate, deny an application, or other determinations that may not necessarily have conclusion.
INVLET Invalidation Letter indicates the applicant failed to provide the required information to Professional Practices within the statutory1 timeframe (90 days from date of notification from PPS). The action invalidates the application and corresponding statement of eligibility.
CLEAR Clearance letter indicates a determination of no probable cause to deny an application or sanction a certificate.
EPCFINAL EPC Final Order provides the conclusion or final action issued by the Education Practices Commission following a determination of probable cause or initial denial.
CFBI/FLR Fingerprint report received from the FBI and FDLE. Reports indicated no criminal record was found.
FDLE Fingerprint report from the FDLE
FBI Fingerprint report from the FBI
RFBI\FLR Fingerprint report received from the FBI and FDLE. Reports indicated information that needs to be reviewed and cleared before a certificate can be issued.

Current Processing Alerts Code Definition

FP Fingerprint Alert indicates that the FDLE and FBI reports have not been received.
CRIM Criminal History Alert indicates that the applicant either responded yes to the question regarding a criminal history on the initial or renewal application or that the criminal history report indicated some type of record.
ADMIN Administrative Alert indicates that the applicant responded yes to the question regarding a sealed or expunged criminal history on the initial or renewal application, that the criminal history reports have indicated a sealed or expunged record, or that there are other issues not indicated by other alerts that need review or prohibit the issuance of a certificate. For example, an affirmative response to the professional sanction section of an application.
REVK Revocation of the certificate indicates the certificate has been revoked. Revocation may last for various lengths of time, up to 10 years or may be permanent. When a revocation is less than permanent, the applicant is eligible to apply for a new certificate once the period of revocation has ended; however, the alert will remain until such time as a new application is received.
SUSP Suspension of the certificate indicates the certificate has been suspended. Suspensions may last for various lengths, up to 5 years. (Educators may renew a professional certificate during the time of suspension.)
DEN Denial indicates both the denial of an application and issuance of the certificate. Denials may last for various time periods, up to permanent.
PPS Indicates the applicant or educator is being investigated by Professional Practices Services. (This information is exempt from public record and should not be shared with the public.)
FEE Fee indicates that the applicant's check has been returned to the Bureau of Educator Certification due to insufficient funds.
PROB Probation - the certificate is valid, but the applicant must comply with certain conditions to keep certificate/employment status.
NASD NASDTEC2 Alert indicates that the applicant has held an educator certificate which has been revoked or suspended by another state as reported through the NASDTEC Clearinghouse.

Processing Alert Statuses and Definitions

Status Abbr. Definition
Placed PL This is the default status for all alerts entered on an applicant file.
Received RCVD Indicates that a fingerprint card has been received but not yet dispatched for background screening by the FDLE/FBI.
Dispatched DISP Indicates that a received fingerprint card has been dispatched for background screening by the FDLE/FBI.
Awaiting FDLE WFDLE Indicates that background screening results have not yet been received from the FDLE.
Awaiting FBI WFBI Indicates that background screening results have not yet been received from the FBI.
Illegible ILL Indicates that the fingerprints were determined to be illegible by the FDLE/FBI which prevents successful background screening.
Clear CL Indicates that the associated alert has been cleared.
Referred REF Indicates that the applicant file has been referred to Professional Practices Services for investigation.