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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

2020 - 2021 School Year

Parental Intent to Participate

What Do I Do Now?

After filing intent, you must follow-up on your selected school choice. Filing intent does not guarantee the eligibility and enrollment of a student.

For the McKay Public School Choice Option, you must Contact Your School District.

To utilize the McKay Private School Choice Option, you must select a participating private school that will accommodate your student.

  • It is your responsibility to contact the private school with any specific questions regarding tuition, curriculum, procedure, policy, transportation, and regulation.
  • A Directory of Private Schools participating in the McKay Scholarship Program is available by county.
  • Upon agreement of enrollment between the parent and private school, it is the private school's responsibility to register and enroll the student into the system.

Please be aware of eligiblity requirements, parental intent, and private school enrollment deadline dates, as they will determine your student's eligibility to receive scholarship payments at the participating private school.

Followup Information

You can use your Confirmation Number to access your student's data on the Check Intent Status Page.

  • The school district has a maximum of thirty -30- days from the date of the filed intent to enter a matrix number or funding plan and scholarship amount for the student. For information regarding your student's 504 accommodation plan, IEP and/or matrix information, you must contact your local school district.
  • It is the private school's responsibility to register and enroll your student in the database.
  • The scholarship amount may/may not cover the full costs of the private school; therefore, you must discuss this issue with the private school directly.
  • The Intent Status Page will automatically display any changes made by the district or the private school. You can check the progress of your intent on this page.
  • If you choose the private school option, scholarship information is available though the McKay Parent Login.