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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

Detailed Requirements for Private Schools

A Checklist for Private Schools (PDF) has been created for new and existing private schools as a resource.

The links below provide more detailed information about the requirements for private schools:

  • Retention of records: Private schools that become defunct are required to transfer all permanent information included in student records to the public school district. s. 1002.42(3), F.S.
    • Permanent Information: Includes verified information of clear educational importance including the student's full name, date of birth, place of birth, race, sex, last known address, names of parents, name and location of last school attended, number of days present and absent, date enrolled, date withdrawn, course taken and record of achievement, and date of graduation or program achievement. s. 1002.42(3)(a)2.a., F.S.
    • Temporary Information Includes verified information subject to change, containing, but not limited to: health information, standardized test scores, honors and activities, personal attributes, work experience, teacher and counselor comments, and special reports. s. 1002.42(3)(a)2.b., F.S.
  • Attendance Records and Reports: Private schools are required to keep and prepare certain attendance records for compulsory attendance purposes. ss. 1002.42(4) and 1003.23(2), F.S.
    • Rule 6A-1.09512, F.A.C. - in order to meet the compulsory attendance requirements, a child must maintain regular attendance for a minimum of 170 actual school days with the required instructional hours as determined by grade level
  • Immunizations: ss. 1002.42(6) and 1003.22(3)-(11), F.S.
    • Private schools must maintain a Florida Certification of Immunization for each child. This form is not available to the public and must be completed by a Florida physician or a Florida county health department. Information on Department of Health Form DH 680
    • Private schools who enroll kindergarten or 7th grade students must complete an Immunization Annual Report of Compliance for Kindergarten and Seventh Grades. This form is available at Florida county health departments (Department of Health Form DH 684).