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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

 Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice 

ABC Schools

A Business Community (ABC) School Program

The 2006 Legislature passed Committee Substitute for Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 772 to amend Section 1013.501, Florida Statutes (Florida Business and Education in School Together (BEST) Program), and create Section 1013.721, Florida Statutes (A Business-Community (ABC) School Program.--) to increase business partnerships in education to encourage the formation of partnerships between business and education, to reduce school and classroom overcrowding throughout the state, to offset the high costs of educational facilities construction, and to use due diligence and sound business practices in using available educational space. An ABC School is a public school that offers instruction to students from kindergarten through third grade at a business site. The school may offer instruction in any single grade level or for multiple grade levels. The school board provides the appropriate instructional, support, and administrative staff and textbooks, materials, and supplies and the host business provides the appropriate types of space for operating the school.

General Information

Section 1013.721, Florida Statutes
Attached is a copy of Section 1013.721, Florida Statutes, which includes new information about implementation of ABC school program and district committee requirements and duties.

Technical Assistance Paper related to A Business-Community (ABC) School Program (K12 2006-186, December 8, 2006) (PDF)
This guidance provides technical assistance and describes the responsibilities for school districts in promoting this program.

A Business-Community (ABC) School Program 2006 Legislative Changes (K12 Memo 2006-144, September 21, 2006) (PDF, 55KB)
The purpose of this memorandum (PDF, 55KB) is to provide information regarding the amendment related to the development and implementation of an ABC school.

Conference Calls

Notes from February 20, 2007 (Word, 64KB)

District Contacts

District Program Contact Directory

Additional Resources

  • Sample Flyer (Word, 903KB)
    Template for ABC Schools Request for Business Partnership Flyer
  • Sample Advertisement (PDF, 100KB)
    This sample ABC advertisement is provided by Hillsborough County Schools
  • Sample Letter to Businesses (PDF, 54KB)
    This sample letter to local business owners is provided by Hamilton County Schools