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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

Charter School Statutes

The 2002 Florida School Code adopted by the Florida Legislature provides parents and students with numerous statutory rights for educational choice. Those related to Charter Schools are listed below:

Section 1002.33 establishes charter schools. Under this law, private entities may enter into charters with school boards to provide educational services to district students. State universities may grant charters to lab schools created under s.1002.32. This law provides information on the application process and review, charter school requirements, charter, funding, exemptions from statute, etc.

Charter School State Board of Education Rules

SBE 6A-6.0784 (PDF, 80KB) establishes procedures for the approval of charter school governance training submitted to the Florida Department of Education by potential training providers. Participation in approved governance training is a statutory requirement for the governing bodies of all charter schools in Florida.