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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

Charter School Announcements

Supporting Charter School Transition To Florida Standards

Through Florida's Race to the Top State-Level Project, Public Consulting Group (PCG) is presenting a multi-tiered comprehensive Professional Development system offering charter school administrators, teachers, and governing board members face-to-face regional training sessions and a web-based blended model to improve capacity of participating teachers and school leaders as they plan for and monitor next steps in Florida Standards implementation. Participation is FREE to Florida charter schools. For more information, please contact

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Free PD Workshops for Florida's Charter Schools (July 2013 - August 2014)

The Florida's Charter Schools Program (CSP) Office is sponsoring numerous Professional Development (PD) workshops facilitated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from August 2013 - August 2014. DEP workshops are open to all charter school educators at No Cost.

These K-12 interdisciplinary PD workshops feature highly engaging hands-on activities, nationally validated curriculum guides, technology training and support, an overview of the CPALMS Charter online learning community, and other instructional resources that are aligned with state and national standards (Common Core State Standards). These workshops also offer great resources for supporting your STEM Programs, for starting up a citizen science project, for many different subject areas (science, math, social studies, arts, etc) and are easy to integrate into your pre-existing class lesson plans. In addition, DEP will coordinate with Florida school districts to award in-service credit hours toward each participant's initial certification and/or licensure renewal.

For additional details on all PD courses offered by DEP, please visit:

Or view our Archived Webinar - Free Professional Development workshops for Charters Schools provided by Dept of Environmental Protection (DEP) at:

Webinar (WMV, 80MB)

DEP is also accepting direct requests for workshops from Principals/Directors of Florida's charter schools that are willing to host a PD course on their campus. To request information regarding these free PD training opportunities offered by the DEP or to schedule a workshop for your charter school, please contact:

Jackie Zimmerman
Office of Environmental Education
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Phone: 850-245-2145

Charter Support Unit (CSU)

A major objective set forth in Florida's 2011-16 Charter School Program (CSP) grant with the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) requires the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to establish a Charter Support Unit (CSU). As stated in Florida's 2011-16 CSP proposal to USDOE:

Charter schools are most likely to fail within their first several years of operation. These failures are, often times, the result of deficiencies that are correctable if addressed early. As a strategy to address this issue, the Department proposes to create a Florida Charter Support Unit (CSU).

After conducting a comprehensive review of professional resources that could help Florida's start-up and new charter schools, particularly in the areas of administration, curriculum, governance, and finance, Charter School Support Services Corporation (CSSC) was chosen to implement the Florida CSU project through a contract with the FDOE.

CSSC is a not-for-profit corporation that is dedicated to the success of Florida's charter schools. CSSC is a division of Building Hope and has worked with dozens of charter schools throughout the State of Florida with services ranging from helping schools to secure loans, grants, and other funding sources, back office accounting support, and more.

Accordingly, the Florida CSU will provide direct assistance to start-up and nascent charter schools in Florida which are in their first three years of operation. More specifically, the Florida CSU will provide the following suite of services:

  • Support Hotline
  • Consultations
  • School Reviews
  • Document Reviews
  • Webinar Series
  • Charter Discussions
  • Resource Repository

For direct assistance or to find additional information on the Florida CSU, please go to:


The Florida Charter Schools Online Learning Community Project entitled "CPALMS CHARTER", has been launched by the Florida State University School (FSUS). To access CPALMS CHARTER, go to:

For additional information about training opportunities for charter school teachers and leaders, contact


VAM Classification and File Definitions

PowerPoint (PDF, 166KB) and presentation recording (WMV, 133MB) of the 5/28/13 webinar with Kathy Hebda, Deputy Chancellor for Education Quality, on the Florida Value-Added Model (VAM). The webinar walks participants through sample VAM reports and discusses the different data points. Webinar also provides guidance as to how charters schools may be interpreted and used within the teacher evaluation system.

VAM for Teacher Evaluation

Recording (WMV, 37MB) and PDF (PDF, 395KB) of the 3/21/13 webinar with Kathy Hebda, Deputy Chancellor for Education Quality, and Adam Miller, Charter Schools Director, on the Florida Value-Added Model. Presentation provides an overview of Florida's Value-Added Model and how it should be used for teacher evaluations.

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