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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

Charter School Authorizers

Charter School Authorizers are key players in the Florida School Choice effort. As the agents for sponsoring and monitoring Florida's growing number of charter schools, authorizers play a vital role in educating and assisting applicants and new charter schools, developing solid, fair and workable contracts between the district and charter schools, and providing services and monitoring to ensure a quality education in an innovative environment. The Florida Department of Education seeks to support authorizers in these efforts by providing information and answering questions as they arise.



  • Within 15 calendar days after receipt of a charter school application, a sponsor shall report to the Department of Education the name of the applicant entity, the proposed charter school location, and its projected FTE.
  • If an application is denied, the sponsor shall, within 10 calendar days after such denial, articulate in writing the specific reasons, based upon good cause, supporting its denial of the charter application and shall provide the letter of denial and supporting documentation to the applicant and to the Department of Education.
  • For budget projection purposes, the sponsor shall report to the Department of Education the approval or denial of a charter application within 10 calendar days after such approval or denial.

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