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Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice

Authorizer Sample Documents

Compiled here are documents and instruments developed by charter school authorizers throughout Florida. These documents are provided as a reference to authorizers in evaluating and improving their authorizing practices. District authorizers who have additional materials they would like to share are encouraged to submit them for inclusion here.

Note: The documents provided below are neither developed by nor endorsed by the Florida Department of Education. They are provided as examples only, and are not to be regarded as prescriptive. District authorizers should consult with their charter and legal teams in developing instruments appropriate to the needs of their district and in line with statutory requirements.

DocumentProvided by
Application Process Overview (PDF, 85KB)Orange
Application Review Rubric 2009-10 (PDF, 209KB)Manatee
Charter Review Committee Tool 2009(Excel, 80KB)Orange
Potential Applicant Letter 2009(PDF, 103KB)Manatee
Potential Applicant Letter 2008-09(PDF, 54KB)Osceola
Review Board Interview Guide(PDF, 34KB)Orange
Denial Letter Format(PDF, 85KB)Palm Beach
School Board Charter Policy (pending approval)(PDF, 132KB)Polk
Accountability Plan Evaluation Matrix(PDF, 99KB)Polk
Accountability Plan Guidelines 2010(PDF, 150KB)Polk
Accountability Progress Summary(PCC Chain of Lakes)(PDF, 194KB)Polk
AFR and Cost Report Status Checklist 2009-10(PDF, 13KB)Indian River
Beginning of Year Requirements Checklist 2009-10(PDF, 16KB)Indian River
Calendar of Charter Contract Reports(Achievement Academy)(PDF, 68KB)Polk
Capital Outlay Plan(PDF, 32KB)Indian River
Governing Board Meeting Minutes Checklist 2009-10(PDF, 19KB)Indian River
Insurance Renewal Checklist 2009-10(PDF, 11KB)Indian River
Manuals and Handbooks Checklist(PDF, 13KB)Indian River
Master Calendar of Reporting Requirements 2009-10(PDF, 93KB)Polk
Mid-year Financial Review 2010(PDF, 148KB)Palm Beach
Mid-year Review Report 2009-10(PDF, 82KB)Palm Beach
Monthly Charter School Meetings Checklist 2009-10(PDF, 27KB)Indian River
Monthly Financial Report Checklist 2009-10(PDF, 20KB)Indian River
Pre-opening Checklist(PDF, 80KB)Osceola
Pre-opening Site Checklist 2009-10(PDF, 127KB)Polk
Site Monitoring Form 2009-10(PDF, 206KB)Osceola
Academic Evaluation for Renewal(Compass)(PDF, 99KB)Polk
Academic Evaluation Summary(Compass)(PDF, 10KB)Polk
Renewal Accountability Plan Progress Report(PCC Chain of Lakes)(PDF, 229KB)Polk
Renewal Site Visit Checklist 2010(PDF, 86KB)Polk
Renewal Timeline 2010(PDF, 103KB)Polk